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Dementia care can be provided for anyone who is suffering from any form of dementia, whether they are in the early stages or have had dementia for a number of years. Our dementia care is provided by specially trained carers and is personalised to ensure that all the challenges associated with dementia can be dealt with. This will ensure that safety and security for your loved one can be provided within their own home. Our carers are able to care for individuals suffering from a range of symptoms of dementia from providing companionship and reassurance to helping with personal care and mobility issues.

Dementia care can be provided at any stage of dementia, we are here to help ensure the highest quality of life and care for your loved one suffering with dementia.

We understand the emotional, social and practical challenges of living well with dementia. Gradually the world of the person with dementia and their family carers shrinks as the disease progresses. Maintaining a life outside of the home or indeed sharing the closeness you once had together can often become difficult. This together with the demands of practical care and support can leave you feeling isolated and exhausted.

We offer a range of care your loved ones with dementia, care can either be hourly, nightly or full-time live-in. Our carers can provide a range of services for your loved one depending on their individual level of dementia and problems associated with this.

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